Narty Atomic VANTAGE 79 TI + W 13 MNC 2021
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Narty Atomic VANTAGE 79 TI + W 13 MNC 2021

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    Narty Atomic VANTAGE 79 TI + W 13 MNC 2021

    Narty Atomic VANTAGE 79 TI + W 13 MNC 2021

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    Combining unprecedented power and control for on-piste precision with the agility of an all-mountain ski for exploring exciting new terrain, the Atomic Vantage 79 TI is a ski that does it all. Featuring a thinner 79mm footprint, this ski makes effortless turns with increased edge power for hard snow or icy slopes but with plenty of prowess for the off-piste. Constructed with Titanium Tank Mesh, a layer of rigid woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while reducing weight, the Light Woodcore and a Cap Sidewall provide exceptional edge grip. An excellent choice for ambitious skiers, this is a ski that will improve your skills and build your confidence, allowing you to master the mountain.


    Energy Backbone: Reinforcement in key zones giving extra strength and edge grip for powerful skiing.

    Dura Cap Sidewall

    Power Woodcore

    Rocker (%):

    All Mountain Rocker 10/90/0

    Kąt krawędzi bocznej:

    87,5 +/- 0,5°


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